Sore Neck

The impact of the pillow on the wellness of the neck

A Sore neck, often called torticollis, is a result of pressures, tensions or torsions that are accentuated in a lying position. This condition becomes important during sleep because of the inactive state of the muscles. Joints are more vulnerable, less supported, and suffer from increased pressure than when we are awake. Therefore, we must properly align the head to maintain an adequate level of pressure at the neck while fully supporting trapeziums according to preferred sleep position.

Align the neck with ergonomic pillow

For a side sleeper, neck tensions are very common. As the pressure is concentrated on the shoulder and head, the cervical structure becomes misaligned, causing lateral extensions (head leaning left or right), thus generating spinal and/or muscular inflammation. To avoid misalignments, the head must correctly be aligned with the body.

Recommended by Orthex

To align the head properly, the pillows for side sleeper Somnia 04” and the Somnia 05” have a reinforced rear section and a more flexible although thicker and longer central section adequately embracing the neck.

The Somnia 3.5” (travel size pillow) also provides adequate support in a reduced format.

Support that respects the natural curve of the neck

Sleeping on the back ensures a better symmetry of the spinal support, but this position still causes cervical tensions. The alignment of the neck depends on the weight distribution of the head relative to the body and often causes vertebral and muscle inflammation. It is essential that a pillow follows the natural curve of the neck to maximize comfort, which is rarely the case, in most pillows, due to a lack of support and a generic design.

Recommended by Orthex

The thinner design of the back sleeper pillow Somnia 03” ensures natural alignment of the head, the reinforced neck section precisely reproduces and supports the cervical curve and its front section is angled to ensure full support.

For relaxation or on the run, the Somnia 06” (cervical or lumbar support) and Somnia 3.5” (travel size pillow) provide the same benefits in a convenient format.