Relaxation in bed

A cushion for reading and relaxation in bed

Relaxing before sleep is essential; it ensures deeper and better sleep. Tension is not only physical, it is also psychological and caused by stress, anxiety and nervousness. Among the means used to relax, the most popular are reading and watching television in bed. As with any activity requiring a certain immobility, good posture is fundamental for proper relaxation posture in bed.

Reading in bed well positioned

Tension from reading in a bad position is common, especially in the cervical and lumbar regions. Almost two-thirds of the population spends an hour or more a day reading, it is an effective anti-stress, because the attention of the brain is devoted to the text and not to other worries. When the end of the day comes, reading in bed helps soothe the mind and prepare the body to sleep. It is important to note that when using a tablet, the intensity of the brightness received by the eye sends a waking message to the brain.

Watching TV in bed comfortably

The bedroom is not what it was; many people are now watching TV in bed. In fact, watching TV in bed is very popular but also a stimulant due to the intensity of the light increasing intellectual stimulation. However, for many people, watching television in bed is relaxing due to the resulting detachment. As when reading, sitting up in bed to watch TV position is often a source of back strain.

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