Leg pain

Relieve legs with a specifically designed orthopedic cushion

The constant utilization of the legs result in major pain sources such as; heavy legs, restless legs, swollen legs, varicose veins, oedema, sprains, muscle stretching, ligament tears, etc. Unpleasant sensations vary from simple tingling to burning to intense pain. Sleep posture, thus leg positionning, highly influences the level of biasing of the knees and plays a large role in pain and/or recovery.

Elevate legs for ease

Various solutions have been proposed to relieve heavy and painful legs, which is often the result of a circulation issues. Among these means, due to gravity, sleep position plays an important role in blood circulation in the legs, day and night. During sleep, tingling sensations, cramps or spasms can be reduced, if legs are properly elevated, facilitating the return of blood to the body and heart.

Recommended by Orthex

The design of the leg wedge Symbia 08° raises the legs to the ideal height and angle ensuring an efficient blood flow.

Sleeping on your side without leg strain

When lying in the lateral position, the alignment of the lower limbs has a significant impact on their comfort. When the legs are crooked, joints and muscles suffer additional stress. Even if the ideal position is to align the legs to avoid these tensions, few do so because of the friction between the knees and the ankles. These bony areas are particularly prominent and require absorbed contact pressure in order to avoid discomforts.

Recommended by Orthex

The thickness, firmness and size of knee and ankle cushion Symbia 03” aligns the legs properly and comfortably, without being cumbersome.