Acid reflux

Wedge cushions promote effective digestion during the night

Digestive discomforts are commonly amplified during sleep because the horizontal position is not conducive to efficient digestion. The complexity of the digestive process often causes problems, the best known reaching 40% of the population: acid reflux, also commonly known as heartburn. The sensation of heartburn is generated by stomach acid flowing back into the oesophagus due to a defective valve closing off the upper part of the stomach. These unpleasant episodes can be occasional or chronic, and often occur after ingesting a heavy or spicy meal. Nocturnal gastric reflux (GERD) can be prevented by adopting a specific sleep position.

Sleeping on a wedge cushion helps digestion

Gravity plays an important role in the digestive process, which is why it is not recommended to go to bed shortly after eating. Digestion is never optimal during sleep because of the horizontal position of the body in its resting state. It is common to wake up in the morning with the feeling of having a full stomach, even though the food intake was from the previous evening. In all cases, the digestive process should be well advanced before lying down flat. Lying reclined accelerates digestion and limits the risks of nocturnal heartburn.

Recommended by Orthex

Thanks to their angles and components, Symbia 18° and Symbia 23° wedge cushions are ideally designed to eliminate acid reflux and ensure effective, comfortable digestion.