The main components are the viscose from bamboo cover and the gel infused memory foam.

Orthex uses quality components that have minimal impact on the environment. All its suppliers are local; this ensures maximum quality control. We always have constant opportunities to conduct tests, make changes and keep up with the latest technologies. The innovative properties of our products effectively complement the work of the team of professionals that are responsible for the design. It is the combination of all these factors that provides efficiency, comfort and durability of the posture cushions and pillows.


Our rayon from bamboo knit, an innovation on the market, is renowned for its many advantages. Its silky texture provides for exceptional comfort. It is antibacterial, antifungal and ideal for people suffering from allergies. Furthermore, rayon from bamboo’s permeability (four times greater than cotton) and its breathability ensure a constant balance between temperature and humidity levels. This way, comfort is maximised no matter the season. Rayon from bamboo is already known as a long-lasting textile and Orthex’s knit includes a layer of polyester to add to its longevity.

Gel infused memory foam

Initially developed by NASA to minimize pressure during take-off, this foam has many unusual features. Soon adopted by the medical industry for its multiple therapeutic advantages, Viscose foam evenly redistributes pressure and stimulates blood circulation. Often referred to as ‘memory foam’ because of its slow rebound, it blends with the body curves while ensuring adequate support. This feature is caused by the absorption of the body heat by the foam which then becomes more flexible. Memory foam used by Orthex comprises particles of gel which are incorporated into the foam in order to limit the effects of heat. We call this new memory foam infused GelFlex or gel technology.