Shoulder pain

The importance of sleep position to reduce shoulder pain

Shoulder pain is a common issue due to the complexity of that region of the body. Uneven pressure can be strong enough to cause inflammation and pain in muscles and tendons. Stress on the shoulder must be limited in order to prevent or reduce pain but it is very difficult because this joint manages arm movement. During sleep, the concentration of weight on one side of the body is an important source of shoulder pain. It may be the direct cause or aggravating factor, often resulting in one-third of side sleepers waking up with a stiff shoulder or arm.

Limit the pressure on the shoulder using the pillow to sleep on your side

Despite the issues resulting from the pressure on the shoulder, side sleeping remains the most popular nocturnal position. Its comforting aspect negates the effects of the excessive load caused by the miscast of the upper body weight. Whichever way we sleep, the shoulder and arm constantly receive pressure when lying on the side. The position of the arm has a direct impact on the load on the shoulder as a whole, therefore we must seek to evenly distribute pressure.

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The front section of ​​the side sleeper pillows Somnia 04” and the Somnia 05” have a cavity to naturally insert the shoulder. Thus, weight is better redistributed and shoulder, arm and trapezium experience an even and gentle support.

Eliminate any form of pressure on the shoulder while sleeping on your back

Sleeping on the back eliminates any contributing factor to shoulder pain. It applies very little pressure on the shoulders as joints are stressed differently due to the elongated body. Many people who usually sleep on their side adopt the back sleeping position for that reason.

Recommended by Orthex

It is much easier to sleep on the back with a specifically calculated inclination of the upper body. Symbia 18° or Symbia 23° bed wedges promote full back support and eliminate irritants often preventing people from being comfortable on the back.

Angled front section of the back sleeper pillow Somnia 03” provides a complete and natural shoulder and upper back support while ensuring seemless transition between the mattress and the pillow.