Frequently asked questions

Is it a fair price?

Prices are calculated based on investments in research and development and the quality of the components. This quality directly influences the comfort and durability, and thus ensures maximum return on investment.

Is the size optimal?

The dimensions must first be functional; we need to respect the main objective of the product while maximizing comfort and usability.

Am I going to get hot with this foam?

Orthex uses gel infused memory foam with open cells, which allows a 3 to 4 degrees decrease in temperature. This, combined with the themperature regulating bamboo cover, maintains the body temperature.

What is the ideal comfort?

Orthex’s cushions and pillows firmness is determined by the supported region; according to the weight, pressure and local tensions. It is suggested to try the product to get the exact impression.

Is the cover washable?

The bamboo cover being a knit, it is recommended to wash it in cold water and lay flat to dry. If desired, a replacement cover is available on order at your dealer.

How to choose the right model?

If comfort is the main criteria for choosing a posture cushion or pillow, features are not far behind. Sleeping position has many impacts, which is why it should influence the choice of product.

How long to adapt?

Change in sleep position or not, a new sleep product requires adaptation. In the case of a changing position, one speaks of 2 to 3 weeks. If the position does not change, 1-2 weeks is enough to get used to.

When and how much should I use it?

Use varies from one user to another, according to needs and preferences. The Symbia can be used during the day, night, or for sporadic periods at any time it is needed. The objective is to gradually integrate its use until its effects are optimized.

What is the best way to use the product?

Our products are designed to optimize the support as a whole. Therefore, make sure to place the posture cushion or pillow in order to cover the targeted area.

What happens if I turn at night?

Although normal, nocturnal movements should be limited. This is why our cushions and pillows are designed to maximize the comfort according to the sleep position and therefore stabilize sleep.